The Clipper Guy is family owned and operated.

Scissor Sharpening using the Hiro-to and Twice as Sharp machines 

Clipper Blade Sharpening - using the ExtremeKut sharpening machine

Blade Sharpening: 

How Your Clipper Blades Are Sharpened 

•Blades are disassembled and inspected.
•Hand Cleaned.
•Professionally sharpened hollow ground.
•Springs - Glides and Sockets are adjusted or replaced if needed. You will be charged for the cost of any replaced parts.
•Cutters and Combs are Demagnetized
•Clipper blades are then Air Blown Dry then lubricated.
•Blades are reassembled to precise factory specifications, tension and proper cutter set back.

We reserve the right to determine if blades CAN NOT be sharpened. We will not sharpen blades that are damaged, missing teeth or have metal fatigue or corrosion.

We DO NOT sharpen ceramic blades.

Clipper Repair:
We understand the importance of fast, reliable clipper repair service and will return your clippers to you as soon as possible. Some repairs may require us to order special parts so please allow for additional service time.

How Your Clippers Are Repaired

*We read about the issues you are experiencing
*Clippers are fully disassembled and cleaned 
*All defective parts are replaced to return your clippers to a serviceable condition. You will be charged for all parts replaced.
*Clippers are reassembled and tested.

Be sure to include a detailed note explaining the issues you are having for each set of clippers you send us.

Repair service Includes most small and large Oster, Wahl and Andis clippers.

We reserve the right to determine if clippers CAN NOT be repaired.